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Corporate Programmes

Developing people –develop company

Corporate Programmes offer the unique educational solutions aimed to develop high potentials in the company and help them to achieve the company’s strategic goals.

Programme particulars

SKOLKOVO Corporate Programmes stand out through 5 main particulars:

1Result-oriented: focus on your business and your goals

We ask questions, attentively listen to the answers, and seek to get profound understanding of company objectives. This allows us to use an individual approach in putting together programmes that help to develop employees in the context of business strategy implementation.

2Orientation on people: building strong teams

One of the important goals of a corporate programme is often to reveal talents and draw participants together, build a team. We work with our clients to develop team building exercises that allow participants to not only know each other better and feel as one team, but also learn while playing, step out their comfort zones.

3A necessary balance: Russian context and international expertise

We consider international corporate experience and business cases in application to the Russian specifics. We invite professors from the world’s leading business schools who study global trends alongside with expert practitioners who have in-depth understanding of the local market environment.

4Practical usefulness: learning by doing and project work

Interactive discussions, team and project work, business simulations – all these activities allow programmes’ participants to apply immediately in their daily work what they have learned in class. Many programmes require that participants develop projects and solutions aimed to improve the business processes and efficient implementation of corporate strategy.

5Intensity and flexibility: maximum efficiency in optimal time

The programmes are built in a way which allows participants to delve in the learning process and concentrate on the tasks. Each programme is constructed individually: faculty, experts, subjects, cases and guest speakers are chosen according to the most relevant issues facing the company.

Our clients about the programmes

  • Dmitry Konov

    Chairman of the Management Board,
    CEO, OAO SIBUR Holding

    Development Programme for Heads of Independent Divisions of SIBUR company


    SIBUR pays great attention to competencies development of our employees. The SKOLKOVO corporate programme designed for the company managers helped participants to analyse what SIBUR is today, to understand how the business evolves in various directions, and to draft possible options for the company’s plans and future achievements.

    I am sure that participants learned a lot during seven modules of this one and half year programme, and it gave them a fresh start and inspiration in their work."

  • Vladimir Mikhnevich

    Advisor to management board, Head of the LUKOIL Overseas Corporate University

    LUKOIL Overseas Leadership Development Programme


    In recent years, with the growing number of large scale and complex projects, including overseas, we have noticed a gap between our demand for skilled candidates and our existent talent pool. To tackle challenges arising from the lack of efficiency in management of large-scale projects, one needs more than just theoretical knowledge. That’s why we joined forces with SKOLKOVO to design a unique learning programme which included, alongside leadership development modules, some serious individual project work and a project management module. I really like the format, the learning techniques, and the dedication of the programme’s instructors. The programme is very well balanced. The participants are engaged in some very serious project work and we can already see the interim results. We plan to increase the number of participants so that eventually all key employees of LUKOIL Overseas and, perhaps, LUKOIL as a whole, took the programme."

  • Natalya Ionova

    HR Vice President, EVRAZ



    The main reason why we have chosen SKOLKOVO business school for the partnership programme EVRAZ New Leaders was the project oriented educational method used there, which really allows to open and expand the world in the eyes of a young manager and a new leader.

    The scale of the challenges that these people are facing today requires more than just technology solutions to overcome some bottlenecks at our facilities. They require a complex approach to deal with all sorts of issues. Thanks to this programme, our employees are getting and bringing back to the company a new paradigm of thinking about problems, which multiplies the economic effect from this investment. They start thinking strategically rather than technically."

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